Hi, my name's Olivia.

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Meet Baby Olivia

From a single-celled human to a baby with a beating heart, brainwaves, fingers, and toes, Olivia shows the remarkable beauty of a unique life within the womb.

The Baby Olivia project provides a medically accurate, animated glimpse of human life from the moment of fertilization. The story details her growth as she progresses from one developmental stage to the next, in preparation for her continued life outside of the womb.

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Olivia’s journey.

At Fertilization.

Olivia’s gender, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, and other traits are already determined.

At 7 Days.

Olivia is implanting in her mother’s uterus - her home for the next nine months.

At 10 Weeks.

Olivia can suck her thumb, swallow, grasp an object, touch her face, sigh, and stretch out in her mother’s womb.

At 27 Weeks.

Olivia can recognize the voices of her parents, her eyes can respond to light, and her sense of smell has developed.

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How is the age of baby Olivia calculated?

We dated Baby Olivia’s growth and development based on the moment her life began - fertilization.

Is this video accurate?

Yes, this state-of-the-art animation was reviewed and certified by leading OBGYNs and medical professionals: Dr David Bolender, PhD, Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy, Medical College of Wisconsin | Dr Donna Harrison (AAPLOG) | Dr Tara Sander Lee (Charlotte Lozier) | Dr Katrina Furth (Charlotte Lozier) | Michelle Cretella, MD, Executive Director of the American College of Pediatricians | Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA, (Ethics) Senior VP Bioethics and Public Policy

How do we know life begins at fertilization?

Countless scientists and textbooks confirm that human life begins at the moment a male’s sperm penetrates a female’s egg immediately causing a new human with its own unique DNA to exist and grow.

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